Cloud Hosting

How much is the hosting fee and how do I pay for it?
Hosting fee is $0.065 for KW-H and includes maintenance and electricity fees. Hosting fees are billed at the beginning of each calendar month and must be paid within 5 days from the date the bill was issued. Hosting fees are paid in arrears after a service has been provided and can be paid in a cryptocurrency of your choice, through our platform. We send out email notifications when a bill is issued. An invoice also appears in the "Billing" section of your personal cabinet. Please note that when purchasing a cloud hosting contract, you will be charged a hosting fee deposit to cover the first 36 days of your mining activities.
How much is the service fee and how do I pay for it?
The service fee is 5% of the actual hashrate generated by your miner. You do not pay manually for the service fee, rather 5% of your actual hashrate is mined directly to Xive.
Do you offer any warranty on miners?
If your miner breaks for any reason within the first 90 days of its operation, then we'll cover the cost of repairs during that period. After the warranty expires, you will have the option of either extending your warranty for an added fee (about 5% of a miner's cost per year) or paying for repair costs on a case-by-case basis. Repair fees are paid in a cryptocurrency of your choice, through our platform.
Do you repair any faulty units?
We have our own repair service. You can download the repair shop terms and price list following this link.
Are the miners new?
For cloud mining and cloud hosting contracts, we provide miners that have been in operation no longer than 12 months.
When should I expect mining to start?
Upon successful receipt of the payment for the cloud hosting contract, mining is expected to start within 10 days from the date of the payment or at the date specified within the cloud hosting contract.
Why did my miner's hashrate drop?
As with any mining equipment, hash rate can drop for short periods of time due to the nature of crypto mining, service maintenance on farms, or technical issues. Please note that we do not charge hosting fees on non-working miners.
Report to if your miner doesn't work for more than 1 hour.
Why does my miner have rejects?
Having up to 1% of rejects is normal. Rejects are not related to a machine's performance. Rejects usually occur when you find a share and submit it to the mining pool after the pool has already moved on to the next block.
Where are your data centers located?
Our data centers are located in Kazakhstan.
Can I ship the miners purchased through a cloud hosting contract?
You cannot resell the cloud hosting contract or the mining machine to other people or request Xive to ship the mining machine to other locations. With our cloud hosting service, we sell contracts that allow you to mine throughout the ASIC's lifetime, not the ownership of physical miners.