Cloud Mining

When does the mining start?
Mining starts within 1-2 hours upon successful receipt of the payment for the cloud mining contract.
Why did my contract's hashrate drop?
Hashrate can drop for short periods of time due to the nature of crypto mining, service maintenance on farms, or technical issues. Note that our platform is designed to deliver 100% of the purchased hashrate. E.g.: if you purchased a 24-hour contract at 50THS and did not use up the entire hashrate within 24 hours, the platform will automatically adjust the contract duration until all 50 THS are consumed. Please report to if your miner doesn't work for more than 1 hour.
Why does my miner have rejects?
Having up to 1% of rejects is normal. Rejects are not related to a machine's performance. Rejects usually occur when you find a share and submit it to the mining pool after the pool has already moved on to the next block.