Pool, Hashrate, Withdrawal

How do I select a mining pool?
You can mine to X-mining pool or an external pool of your choice. If you decide to mine to X-mining pool, you do not need to set the stratum data, just choose the Xive wallet - Main in the "Mining Pool" section. If you choose to mine to an external pool, you will need to enter your stratum data (stratum url, stratum username, stratum password) in the "Mining Pool" section.
Why are there three "mining pool" sections in my account?
"Mining Pool 1" is the main section and is mandatory to be filled out. "Mining Pool 2" and "Mining Pool 3" are reserve sections and are only used if the main mining pool stops working for some reason. You can choose to leave the "Mining Pool 2" and "Mining Pool 3" sections empty.
How much is the X-mining pool commission?
The standard pool commission is 3%. The pool commission can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis if your total hashrate exceeds 10 PHs.
How often and at what times do the pool payouts happen?
If you mine to the X-Mining pool, payments are made once a day until 10:00 UTC to your Xive wallet. If you mine to other external pools, the payment schedule should be checked with respective pools.
Which external pools have the best matching with your platform?
Xive works well with,,
How I can withdraw my earnings?
There are two options for withdrawing earnings in the "Withdrawal" section of your personal cabinet. 1. You can manually withdraw your earnings to your personal or Binance wallet. 2. You can set up an automatic withdrawal of your earnings to your personal or Binance wallet.
Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC if you withdraw funds from our platform to your personal wallet. There is no minimum withdrawal amount for transferring funds from our platform to a Binance wallet.
How much is the withdrawal fee?
We do not charge any withdrawal fees. You can also transfer funds to a Binance wallet without any fees. However, you will need to pay the BTC network commission to transfer funds from our platform to your personal wallet.