The Most Accessible Way to Get
Your Very Own Bitcoin Mining Farm

Our newest service allows miners of all experience levels and scale to buy shares in bitcoin mining farms starting from only $55.

What is a mini bitcoin mining farm?

Mini farms are just that: small farms that fit inside a single mining container with 100-200 latest Antminers inside.

The farms are fueled by clean, natural gas energy and are completely independent of the grid.

Mini farms are part of a larger mining facility with reliable electrical infrastructure.

Our mini bitcoin mining farms are modern, safe, and compliant.

Temperature control
Affordable electricity
24/7 armed security
On-site repair center
Competent tech support

Joining bitcoin mining has never been this easy, here’s how it works

Select the number of shares you wish to purchase and complete the payment.
Receive the hashrate proportional to your share of a mini farm.
Sit back and watch your farm mine BTC. We’ll take care of all the repairs, maintenance, and security and ensure the farm is operating at a max uprate.


Buy shares

Mining happens through Xive’s cloud platform and can be tracked through personal accounts in real time.


All ASICs within a farm mine to a single built-in wallet and to Xive's internal pool.

Get rewards

Bitcoins earned by the farm are rewarded in proportion to your share of the farm.

Pay fees

Hosting, service, and repair fees are subtracted from the mini farm’s payout through an automated process – to ensure zero hassle.

Withdraw funds

You will be able to withdraw your funds to an external wallet. Only pay the BTC network commission, no charges on our part.


Shared risks

When you own a miner and it breaks, you bear the repair costs and stop earning mining rewards until the miner is back to work. With mini farms, if a miner breaks, you still receive the rewards from 99 other working machines. Plus, the repair costs are shared proportionally between the farm owners.

Low barrier to entry

The cheapest way to get into mining still comes down to buying a miner (at $3,000-$12,000 depending on the model) and setting up and maintaining it (which often requires extensive technical expertise). With mini farms, you can join bitcoin mining and start using the farm with only $55.

Simplicity and accessibility

The mining pool configurations, wallets, fund withdrawals, multiple payment options, real-time monitoring – everything is built in the platform to minimize hassle. Payment of hosting, service, and repair fees is carried out by the platform and does not require any manual interventions from your side.

Sense of community

We encourage our mini farm owners to communicate with each other via Telegram, building a vibrant community and sparking discussions on a variety of topics, such as mining progress, profitability, any concerns, or technical questions.

Complete transparency

Through your personal cabinet, you’ll get the detailed view of the mini farm’s entire operation: each miner’s activity in minute-by-minute intervals.

Expert team

We’ve accumulated considerable technical and operational expertise in building world-class mining farms from scratch. We already run 3 large mining facilities with more than 5,000 miners.

Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Insert your hashrate and find out the expected BTC and USD return.

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