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Sold: 30.63%
Available: 69.37%
How many devices do you want to buy?
How much do you pay now?
$ 25
+ $ 4.914 hosting deposit

How much will you earn? *
BTC price assumption: $ 22 905
1 day
30 days
360 days
1 day
30 days
360 days
Mining income
$ 0.08
$ 2.45
$ 29.39
Service fee
- $ 0
- $ 0.07
- $ 0.85
Hosting fee
- $ 0.05
- $ 1.64
- $ 19.66
You receive
$ 0.02
$ 0.74
$ 8.88

* - earnings depend on farm performance and bitcoin network difficulty

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What is Xive?

Xive's goal is to unite individual miners to gain all benefits of large-scale industrial mining

This is a mining farm with 100 ASICs

You buy ASICs or shares of an ASIC
We call it group mining

Skin in the game

Initially, all ASICs are bought by Xive using our 5 years of expertise in buying and hosting miners. We bear all the risks associated with mining together.


Full automation of group mining farms. Transparent performance data for each ASIC, electricity usage and real-time mining revenue metrics.

Economy of scale

Group mining allows us to get wholesale prices for ASICs, hosting and mining pool services.

Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Insert your data and find out the expected BTC and USD return.

Detailed calculation
24-Hour Earnings

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