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Bitcoin Mining Farms
30.5153% Sold
64 investors
Total Hashrate:
6.07 Ph/s
50 devices value
$ 108 145
Lowest Entry Threshold:
$ 50
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100% Sold
77 investors
Total Hashrate:
5.68 Ph/s
50 devices value
$ 101 560
Lowest Entry Threshold:
$ 25
Sold out
33.0913% Sold
70 investors
Total Hashrate:
5.5 Ph/s
50 devices value
$ 125 000
Lowest Entry Threshold:
$ 25
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How it works?

Fair and transparent partnership
Launches and fully operates “Bitcoin Mining Farm”, sets of bitcoin mining equipment ranging from 50 to 100 units
Buy shares (starting at just 50$) of a ’’Bitcoin Mining Farm’’ and become partner and co-owner of the Farm.
Builds / operates large scale mining facilities with wholesale electricity rates
Go to and sign-up
Procures mining equipment at wholesale prices
Select a Mining Farm
Provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, repair
Buy share of the selected Mining Farm
Charges 20% management fee from your net profit, ensuring our success is aligned with yours
Enjoy automated and consistent net daily payouts in BTC according to your share

Top benefits

Maximize your wealth with bitcoin revenue
Get daily mining payouts
Automated daily mining income payouts with access to all your data – earnings, fees, payouts, consumption, equipment status. No hidden fees and surprises. We are fully transparent.
Leverage Bitcoin's Skyrocketing Price
Experience rapid growth in your mining returns in tandem with Bitcoin's price appreciation. The inherent design of Bitcoin's code is oriented towards value appreciation, and its historical performance validates its consistent pattern of growth.
Diversify your investments
Elevate your investment strategy by diversifying with Bitcoin mining, gaining an additional stream of income and exposure to a thriving digital economy.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is group mining?
XIVE purchases between 40 and 100 ASIC miners for its own Bitcoin mining operations and would like to offer you the opportunity to join us by investing in our mining farm.
Our clients receive wholesale electricity prices, access to mining equipment at a cost price, and the expertise of our experienced mining team for a 20% share of the revenue.
Once the mining equipment is no longer effective, it will be sold at a market price, and profits are distributed proportionally among the shareholders.
What is the reason for the 20% share of the revenue?
XIVE provides the necessary conditions for efficient mining, and a team of experts with five years of experience that address critical issues such as finding the best electricity prices and mining equipment at wholesale prices. Additionally, our technical specialists ensure that the ASICs are functioning properly. By investing in our mining farm, you won't have to spend money on everything individually. In addition, you will retain a share of ownership of the equipment.
Is it possible for me to keep my share of the equipment since I own a share of the mining farm?
You will not be able to keep a share of the equipment.
Is there a time limit for owning a share of a group mining farm?
As equipment becomes outdated and unprofitable over time, we sell it at market price and distribute the revenue among shareholders proportionally to their ownership stake in the mining farm.
What will happen to the unsold part of the farm?
In the event of an unsold part of the mining farm, Xive retains ownership of it for 90 days.
What equipment do you have?
Equipment depends on your buying time, all information into product card. We create joint mini farm from high efficient ASICs.
How soon after the payment can I start mining?
Mining begins as soon as the payment is made, once funds are received from the exchange and the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain network. This process usually takes about 5 minutes, but in some cases, technical difficulties can lead to a wait of up to 12 hours.
In the event of the ASIC malfunction, who is responsible for covering the repair costs?
If an ASIC miner needs to be repaired, the cost of the repair will be divided among the owners of the mining farm according to their ownership share. For example, if the repair cost amounts to $100 and you own 1% of the mining farm, you would have to pay $1.
If an ASIC breaks, how will it affect my profit?
If a single piece of equipment fails within the mining farm, the impact on total revenue typically ranges from 1-3%. This level of impact has a minimal effect on the payback period of the mining farm. In contrast, if you owned a single ASIC miner, the failure of that unit would result in a loss of 100% of profits, rather than 1-3%.
What does 'The sale of each group mining farm ends in 3 months' mean?
During the 3-month period, we sell mining farm shares and during this time you have the opportunity to buy shares. At the end of this period, the sale will be closed and any unsold shares will be retained by XIVE.
How do I check the serial number and the performance of a miner or a farm as a whole?
Is it possible to look at the mining farm online?
If you would like to request a video review, you can contact our manager via email or our 'clickable buttons' Telegram bot, and they will happily assist you.
How do I choose a group mining farm?
When choosing a group mining farm factors to consider include the type and quantity of ASICs used, the electricity costs, and the location of the farm. You can use a profitability calculator to estimate potential earnings.
Where is your mining hosting located?
At the moment we are located in the CIS countries.
Do you mine other altcoins?
We only mine Bitcoin.
How much will my share in group mining cost?
The total cost of your share depends on the value of the entire farm, as well as the additional amount that equates to two monthly electricity deposits.
What does the deposit include?
The deposit provides a safeguard against market volatility, ensuring uninterrupted mining operations for all participants in group mining and enabling them to generate profits for two months even during a bear market.
What does the hosting include?
Monthly equipment maintenance.
Will my earnings increase if Bitcoin increases in price?
Your income will increase based on the value of USDT in relation to Bitcoin, not the actual value of Bitcoin itself.
What does the term 'industrial approach' mean in the context of Bitcoin mining, and what advantages does it offer to those who participate in XIVE group mining?
Group mining offers an affordable and fast way to connect to a Bitcoin farm. The industrial approach to Bitcoin mining is a form of sharing economy, where more market participants lead to lower mining costs.
What steps are required to begin group mining?
To start group mining, go to the “Group Mining Farms” tab and select a farm. Then, click on “Start Mining” and choose a payment method to complete the purchase. Once the payment is complete, you will be redirected to your personal account where you can track the progress of the purchased farm.
Can I sell the share I bought?
You will not be able to sell or return the share you bought.
How often do the payments happen?
The profit is distributed automatically on a daily basis, ensuring transparency for all participants. You can easily track the daily operations of the farm's income, expenses, and profit distribution.
How is group mining different from cloud mining?
In the case of group mining, all the machines are located in one place and we carry the overall responsibility for their operation. You buy a share of the farm, not the computing power.
Will I pay a fee when withdrawing funds from my wallet?
Yes, it depends on the wallet and the exchange how much the fee will be.
How will I know that the purchase is complete and I bought what I wanted?
You will see it in your personal cabinet and receive an e-mail.
If I want to try the product, but I have some concerns can I get a free consultation?
Yes, our specialists are on call and you can also send us a message to receive a free consultation.
I want to be part of your team.
If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the form provided and our HR specialists will be in touch with you.“form – clickable button”
How can I become your partner?
Please email your proposal to and we'll get back to you.
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