About XIVE
Timur Kiyazov
Lead Developer
Bakhtiyar Rakhmatullaev
Head of Dubai office
Dosbol Zhanaliev
Construction Director
Vitalia Makeeva
Head of Sales

The Group Mining Farm

Founders of XIVE: Didar Bekbauov & Olzhas Kemalov

The Group Mining Farm

Founders of XIVE: Didar Bekbauov & Olzhas Kemalov


An expert on mining, farm setup, and an equipment specialist.
Hello, my name is Didar and I am one of the XIVE co-founders.

After completing my financial education in the UK, I worked at KPMG for some time. However, I eventually grew tired of spending my days cooped up in an office and I yearned to create something new that could positively impact the world.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I have gained experience in a variety of fields, and Xive has presented an exciting opportunity for me to embark on a new journey. I find the concepts of decentralization, Bitcoin, and electricity to be endlessly fascinating and full of potential.

At XIVE, our team is passionate about progress and delivering tangible results. We believe in the efficiency and potential of technology, including Bitcoin, and are committed to creating positive change for society. Importantly, many of us also hold strong religious beliefs, and we believe that everyone should be able to practice their faith in a tolerant and accepting environment.

We are a trustworthy and honest team, and we stand behind our values of doing good and benefitting society.

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Experienced crypto miner, business development director, and passionate Bitcoin advocate.
I am one of the co-founders of XIVE located in Texas.

After studying in Shanghai, I left a company that attracted investments in Kazakhstan for my own business. I found my passion in Bitcoin and I believe it is the future of finance. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are changing the financial world with their decentralized and digital approach to currency and financial systems. They offer improved security, faster transactions, lower costs, and greater privacy and accessibility. However, the adoption and regulation of such digital assets are still in early stages, and their future impact on finance is uncertain.

XIVE is building a platform for efficient Bitcoin mining to make it more accessible worldwide.

XIVE is creating a software that monitors mining performance, automates equipment transactions, and efficiently manages Bitcoin mining operations.

We believe in the power of decentralization and support the expansion of participation opportunities in this movement to drive its growth.

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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team works daily to deliver exceptional services and ensure customer satisfaction
Didar Bekbauov
Founder & Strategic Director
Olzhas Kemalov
Founder & Business Development Director
Nurbek Seitkhaliyev
Managing Partner
Olzhas Kuanyshev
Technical Director
Nariman Pshenov
Chief Operating Officer
Dosbol Zhanaliev
Construction Director
Timur Kiyazov
Chief Technology Officer
Bakhtiyar Rakhmatullaev
Head of Dubai office
Zhanar Raspek
Zhangul Akhmetova
HR Manager
Vitalia Makeeva
Head of Sales
Gita Gerasimova
Chief Marketing Officer

Our History

The XIVE team of miners began their venture in 2018, starting with small turnkey farm projects for a narrow circle of partners and investors.
  • 5 - person team
  • 1 facility
  • 1000 ASICs
XIVE Mining is operating in Kazakhstan with huge capacities and is ready to enter the international market.
  • 25 - person team
  • 3 facility
  • 5000 ASICs
XIVE Mining is running projects from conception to completion, turning farm ideas into Bitcoin, with a wide range of clients: from Japan to the USA.
  • 60 person team
  • 5 crypto mining farms
  • 20,000 ASICs

Team Values

XIVE Mining honours tradition and believes in a higher power and doing good. Our goal is to help people step into the world of Bitcoin easily and honestly.
& Trust
Through candid conversations and by building up trust, both within the team and with our clients, Xive Mining is able to move forward effectively. Since 2018, we have been establishing relationships with customers based on trust.
Family. Relatives. Friends
The joy of connecting with our loved ones drives XIVE Mining to create products such as the Group Mining Farm that we can use together.

Our Mission & Vision

In a world with conflicting opinions about cryptocurrency, XIVE Mining offers expert support to those who believe in Bitcoin. We provide the ability to mine and participate in decentralization via our farms, products and our team.
XIVE Mining's goal is to become the №1 mining company with its own farms, holding 8% of the global hash rate market. To achieve this goal, we are creating platform solutions and expanding by creating new facilities for investors and crypto enthusiasts.

If you want to be a part of the XIVE team, please send a request

We always welcome interesting people & projects
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